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Sales FAQs

The coronavirus FAQs below are for customers in the process of purchasing a new home or interested in buying a property that is currently for sale.



I am interested in purchasing one of your homes - can I view at the moment?

Yes, we are arranging viewings in line with coronavirus guidelines.  However, we are only able to arrange a viewing, if you have:

  • Registered with Help to Buy for shared ownership
  • Obtained a mortgage agreement in principle and have savings of at least £5,000 to put towards your deposit and other moving costs.

If you need further advice please contact us on

I have applied for a property and have posted personal documents to support my application as requested – have you received my documents?

Due to staff working remotely we can only accept digital applications at this time. You should email your application along with supporting documentation to If you have any difficulty please email us at the above address providing your name and telephone number and we will call you back to help you with your application.

Is my house purchase still going through or will everything remain on hold for the foreseeable future?

Yes, your purchase is still proceeding. It is important that you continue to liaise directly with your solicitor. From reservation, the purchase process is currently taking around 2 months to complete.

Please try and keep us updated so we can help where possible.

Are solicitors still open?

Yes, solicitors are still open and progressing matters for their clients. Most solicitors have seen their case loads increase significantly in recent months and we would advise you to keep in weekly contact with your solicitor to ensure your case remains a priority and to prevent unnecessary delays.

Should I instruct solicitors?

Yes, as soon as you have paid us your £250 reservation fee you should go ahead and instruct your solicitor. At around the same time we will write to solicitors providing them the information needed to start the conveyancing process for you, this document is known as a Memorandum of Sale (MoS).

Will you remain open and will I be able to contact someone?

Whilst our main offices are now closed, the sales team are working from home and can be contacted on

My purchase has been delayed and I need to leave my current home meaning I may have nowhere to live for a while. What should I do?

1. You need to make this very clear to your solicitor at the earliest opportunity as they may be able to prioritise your case resulting in them pushing matters through quickly to prevent this happening.

2. The house buying process can be slow at times and you may need to arrange alternative living arrangements with family or friends, where it is safe to do. Alternatively, you may need to find temporary accommodation, at your own expense.

3. If you are potentially at risk of becoming homeless and have children, we may be able to assist you. Please keep in regular contact with us and we will do our best to support you.

Are you releasing new homes?

Yes, we are operating business as normal, where we can, meaning we have a pipeline of new homes heading our way throughout Staffordshire & Shropshire.

All new homes released will be advertised on our website. For the current list of available and coming soon properties click HERE.

What will happen about the mortgage valuation being undertaken on my home?

Surveyors have found their workload increase in recent month which can mean it takes longer to get your valuation carried out. To prevent this, we advise you to instruct your preferred Building Society and pay any arrangement/valuation fees at the earliest opportunity to reduce the chances of  your move being delayed.

I recently moved into my new home and have noticed some items which need a repair– what do I do?


In these exceptional times, only emergency repairs can be carried out.  An emergency repair is a problem that represents an immediate risk to safety, security or health. Please contact your local customer service centre to report the emergency repair:

Shropshire              0300 300 0059

South Staffordshire 01785 312000

Stafford                  0800 111 4554

While coronavirus continues to put people’s health at risk, we ask that for minor repairs you keep a note of such items. When coronavirus restrictions are being eased this would be the time to let us know about any minor items which will need repair.

The only exception to this would be where your end of defects period is about to expire. You will have been informed of this date, where applicable, when you moved in. Where this is the case, we would ask you to notify us of these problems prior to the expiry. Failure to do so could result in you or a suitably qualified professional, appointed by you, being responsible for these repairs.